Yes, we do still maintain our Family Tree on Ancestry. Yes, it is our primary tree. Yes, you may continue to refer to it for your research.

So why are we creating another tree here?

You may recall that the starting point for our Ancestry tree was the genealogical information passed on to us from our mother, Willa Dean (Bonnell) Spiker. She spent years copying courthouse records, surveying cemeteries, transcribing family documents, interviewing relatives, labeling old photos and corresponding by mail with others performing similar research.

She had done all the hard work; we copied it to our tree. Then…so did a lot of other people. We think that’s great! IF those people take time to personally verify the info they’re copying/pasting.

By its very nature, genealogy is about connections and collaborations. It’s precisely why we choose to make our tree “Public.” But I cannot say that everything is accurate. Ancestors may have written down the wrong information (sometimes intentionally when they had something to hide.) Census takers may have misspelled names. Stone cutters may have inscribed incorrect dates on tombstones. And I am certain I’ve been guilty of several typos or transcription errors over the years.

By replicating our Ancestry tree here, I hope to catch (and fix) any unintentional errors and perhaps make several new discoveries along the way. We’ll start small, beginning with direct-line ancestors. As this tree “branches out,” you’ll soon discover the benefits of this program, including:

* Search – Easy lookup by name, or advanced search on dates, places and more.

* Dynamic Charts – Pedigree, descendants, relationship, timeline, family, fan, etc.

* Other – Google Maps, Cemeteries, DNA, and more.

Let’s get started!

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